Qubool Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts in a night time. Zoya is sitting alone outside. Asad then comes there. He tries to talk with her, but Zoya says that her mood is already not good.. so he better save his bitter talks for some other day. Asad says, actually since we came back, I have noticed that you’re very upset. So I thought maybe.. he then offers her cake which brings smile on Zoya’s face. He asks her, so you didn’t find any clue today either? Zoya says, no.. for a moment, I felt like I reached my target, but unfortunately that was the dead end.

Asad tells her, not a problem.. you didn’t reach to your target today.. but you will reach tomorrow. Zoya says, I know.. who knows destiny might be on my side tomorrow. Asad says, of course it will be..tomorrow I will come with you. Zoya tells her, do you know you’re so self centered type person.. She repeats what he said in his tone, “of course it will be.. I will come with you”. She laughs. then thanks him for his sweet work of bringing cake for her. She eats cake and Asad smiles looking at her. Now Zoya says a shayri:

Kabhi sola, Kabhi sabnam, kabhi real, kabhi fake (sometimes real, sometimes fake)
kabhi hasaye, kabhi rualye, aur kabhi khilaye ye blueberry cheese cake. (sometimes make me smile, sometimes make me cry, and sometimes make me eat blueberry cheese cake)
Shukriya.. shukriya.. (thank you.. thank you)

Tanveer listens to their conversation and then calls Razia. She tells Razia that this girl will reach to her husband. We will have to do something. Razia says, that is why I am paying you the amount you want. Tanveer says, don’t feel like saying this,, but if you give everything, then you definitely reach your target. Razia says, it doesn’t look good you saying all this. Tanveer says, I am just saying what I heard.. and if anything like this happens, then neither you nor I will be able to do anything. She disconnects the phone now.

Next day, photoframe guy comes to Asad’s house. Asad opens the door and takes the frame as Zoya is not at home. Photoframe guy says that he found out information about the person about whom Zoya did inquiry other day. Asad tells him to give all the information to him then as it’s important for Zoya. Photoframe guys tell something to Asad (which we don’t know yet).

Ayan’s sister asks him to fix her phone. Ayan goes in the room and Humaira is also there. He sees her and it reminds Ayan of his sister telling him that Humaira loves him. Humaira tells Ayan’s sister that she will get ready to go somewhere. She opens her cupboard and Ayan sees his photos hanging there. Ayan is leaving and then he sees his photo as wallpaper in Humaira’s laptop.

Ayan now video chats with Zoya. He says to her, it’s about love.. I don’t know how to say. Zoya says a shayri again:

Tuesday ke baad jo aaye usse budhwaar (wednesday) kehte hai, (day that comes after tuesday.. we call it wednesday)
aur jo phone ka bill badhaya, usse hi pyaar kehte hai. (and the thing that increases phone bill.. we call it love)

Zoya says, so now you want to know if the girl loves you too or no. Ayan is confused and says, I never needed to talk about this to anyone. Zoya says, it’s not a bad idea to take help from a girl to know what’s going in other girl’s heart. And I am expert in this work because I have seen all Karan Johar’s movies. You can always contact me about stuff like this. She now gets serious and asks him what is her name. Ayan is about to say, and Humaira comes there to return him his CDs. Zoya sees her and recognizes her. She remembers Humaira saying that she wants to do something for someone and Zoya had heard it other day. Humaira leaves. Ayan says, it’s her only. She is angry right now because I scolded her a lot. Zoya says, enough.. no need to say anything more.. and let me tell you that this girl loves you a lot. Ayan asks, how can you say that? We two are very different people.. she is very traditional and I am “me”.. I like modern girls. Zoya says, I have no doubt in how much that girl loves you. Ayan says, but I do. Zoya says, if you don’t trust your love guru, then what can I do. I will email you some love tests and you will get answers to all your questions. Zoya hangs up and she is proud of herself. She asks God to help her as well just like how she helps everyone else.

She returns home and Asad is waiting for her. Zoya is doing her random talks and Asad stares at her. Zoya asks him, what happened? Why are you looking like that? Asad says, Ms. Farukhi I have found out about your father. Zoya asks him, for real? She gets tears in her eyes and asks Asad who is he? Where he lives? Please take me to him. I want to meet him. Asad tells her to go with him and she will find answers to all her questions. They leave.

On the other hand, Mamujan is talking with someone on the phone. He gets shocked and says he will be right there. Razia listens that. Mamujan leaves.

Ayan comes to Humaira. He asks for Nikhat. Humaira says, she is at college and she always comes late.. and you know it very well. Ayan says, I have to do survey for my friend.. will you help me? It’s very important and urgent. Humaira agrees. Ayan says, I will say you a word.. and you will immediately say the word that comes in your mind. After couple of words, When Ayan says “pyaar” (love), Humaira replies Ayan. Humaira then says, I was saying.. Ayan stop it now.. I have to study. and thats why I took your name. Ayan says, okay.. thank you and leaves. While he’s leaving, he turns back and looks at Humaira and says, Zoya was right.. Humaira loves me.

Asad and Zoya are on their way to meet Zoya’s father. Zoya feels very happy, but feels nervous at the same time. She tells Asad, I have done so much rehearsals for this day.. when I meet abbu.. I will say this and that. And now finally when that day came, I feel so nervous.. I have no clue.. what I will say. She asks Asad to help her this time too like he helps her everytime. Zoya gets emotional now.. and says, I will fight with him.. will ask him why he left me. Asad is all quiet. She asks Asad if she should really ask him this on their first meeting. She says, I dont think I will be able to fight with him. I just won’t be able to say him this. I will meet Abbu, hug him. and just cry. I know this is what is going to happen.. you will see. Asad stops the car and says, we have reached. Shall we go? They get out of the car and go somewhere. Mamujan also comes there and follows them.

They come at some graveyard. Zoya asks Asad, why did we come here? Where is Abbu? Asad is still quiet. Zoya keeps asking him where is Abbu. Mamujan comes there now. Asad then points at some grave and says, here’s your Abbu. He says, he died 15 years ago. Ms. Farukhi I am sorry. Zoya breaks down in tears. Zoya says him, please tell me this is lie..I came here to search my Abbu.. you told me that you will take me to my father.. he can’t die. Please tell me this is lie.. I have never seen my abbu.. he can’t die. Zoya is crying very bad. She tells him, please tell abbu to talk with me. In the background, Mamujan hugs someone (seems like he came to attend someone’s death ceremony or something). Zoya is crying and says to Asad, please tell me you’re lying. Asad hugs her.

Episode ends.


Precap: Zoya is crying and says to Asad, some stories never end.. it’s in their destiny to be incomplete. Asad is about to put his hand on Zoya’s hand and Zoya says, I should go back (to USA). Asad takes his hand back and watches at Zoya.


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