Rab Se Sona Ishq 6th September 2012 Written Update

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Daljeet feels bad when Sahiba thinks his love confession as acting. Sahiba says, he acts superb and she will ask for apologize from his mother once the problem is solve. Poor Daljeet leaves the room. Night time, Daljeet and Sahiba in bedroom, Sahiba continues to praising Daljeet but Daljeet remain silent.Sahiba thinks he might asleep, Sahiba thinks nobody can be like Daljeet once she meet her Ranveer both of them will thank to Daljeet and she prays to GOD to make Daljeet remain as her BEST FRIEND.Daljeet fels bad that Sahiba still can’t understand his feelings.

Mummy says she wants to cook food and Bebe tell her she can make any dish for Deep and don’t need to make any different dish for Beauty. Beauty comes and informs Mummy that she’s going out to buy Medicines later she will buy medicines for Bebe too.Bebe sarcastically calls Beauty and ask her to buy poison. Daljeet’s Bhabhi saw Beauty and remembers about their meeting at hospital. Bhabhi turn to avoid Beauty.

Sahiba wakes up and greets Daljeet but Daljeet keeps silent and busy making breakfast. Sahiba goes to Daljeet and asks him what happened but Daljeet ignores her question. Daljeet says breakfast is ready and he wants to go to meet his mother then leave to work. Daljeet ask Sahiba to have her breakfast. Sahiba says she won’t eat anything until he answers her questions. Sahiba tries to cheer Daljeet by saying angry face is not suits him only smiling face is suits him. Daljeet leaves.

Jazz watched Ranveer’s fighting news. LOL Jazz being Jazz, she feels happy. Jazz scolds Mr. Pal for enters her room without knocking the door and disturbs her privacy. Mr.Pal worries about her condition at pub, he says luckily Ranveer calls him and he can reached at the spot on time. Jazz gets irritated and informs Mr. Pal about Ranveer’s arrest and suggest him to fires Ranveer to save his reputation. Mr. Pal feels bad that because of his parenting style his daughter’s life is spoiled. Jazz accused him and because of him she becomes spoil brat. She chases him out of her room and says she feels happy to see him being sad and he deserved to have a daughter like her.

Daljeet brings tea for his mother. He tries to calms her. Mother says, if he knows everything then why don’t he informs her about his marriage to her. Daljeets asks his mother to forgive him. He takes her blessing and leave to work.

Babhi backs to home and ask Babuji about Beauty. Babuji says he don’t know any Beauty and leave. Babhi thinks to herself, there might be something fishy between Sahiba, Beauty and their house.

Sahiba brings food for Daljeet at garden. Sahiba says angry face doesn’t suit Daljeet. Daljeet says he is just an ordinary person and he feels bad when someone reneged on promises. He says he feels bad when Sahiba leave without informing him, he just worries about her safety. Sahiba says, since they arrived at London, Daljeet were the one who always be there for her and she doesn’t want to give more trouble to him anymore that’s the reason for her leave. Daljeets says, Sahiba doesn’trusts him, she thoughts he will chase her out if she have any problem. Sahiba says, she doesn’t think about Daljeets feeling when she leaves. Sahiba asks for forgive from Daljeet. Daljeet says, Sahiba is his responsibility until she meets her Massi and she is not a problem for him. Sahiba her latest promise that she won’t leave to anywhere without informing him. Both wipes each others tears and smiles.

Ranveer at police station and smiles. Balli asks him why he is smiling. Ranveer recollects about Sahiba and her fight with agent at police station. Balli says both Ranveer and his Sahiba are just crazies. Ranveer says, Sahiba is crazy on him. Ranveer remberers about her birthday, Ranveer pleads to Balli to get bail on him since her birthday is around the corner and he have send gift to her . Balli says, he can’t get the bail, he don’t have sufficient money and Ranveer was fired by his boss. Ranveer is just worries about Sahiba.

Sahiba and Daljeet at garden, she asks him about his mother, did his mothers scold him. Daljeet says, yes she scolds him but she loves him. Sahiba says she will handle his mother. Daljeet says, he getting late to work and want to leave, Sahiba gives Tiffin box to him and he says THANKS and leave.

Sahiba talks to herself, how she going to handle Daljeets mother. Newspaper guy throws the paper inside and its bang on Sahiba’s head. She takes the newspaper which contents Ranveer’s arrest news. She tries to open its cover.


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