Rab Se Sona Ishq 7th November 2012 Written Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 7th November 2012 Written Update by Visha_Dhami

Part 1

Beauty asks Sahiba what happened and since she cameback, she is quiet and Sahiba says that she is tired and Beauty asks Sahiba to look at her and say it and Sahiba tries avoding and moves away and Beauty holds back Sahiba and asks what happened? Do you want to marry Ranveer right? Sahiba says i went to London to bring him back and he is now he is back and will everyone forgive me if i say that i don’t want to marry Ranveer and i love someone else? Beauty is shocked and Ranveer’s father says that your daughter will be my daughter in law always and Manmeet says but this house is a remembrance of my ancestors and Ranveer’s father asks what is the point of talking of those who are dead? Think of those who are alive and everyone in this village knows that your daugher had ran to London behind my son and now no one including your friend’s son Happy will marry Sahiba. So you have no choice but to write the house under my name and Manmeet says i am ready to do anything for my daughter’s happiness and Ranveer’s father is shocked and asks Manmeet to repeat again and Manmeet says i will listen as what you said and at least my daughter would be happy, i don’t need anything else and cries. Ranveer’s father says you are willing to change the house name to my name for your daugher? Manmeet says i will do anything for my daughter’s happiness and goes away leaving a shocked Ranveer’s father saying i thought after he listens to my condition, he would reject this wedding but he agrees to it and for the daughter’s happiness, he is ready to do anything. Beauty asks of is Sahiba mad and she don’t want to marry her Ranveer? Who is the someone else and Shiba says that i had learned these days that everything is already fated and no matter who i love, it will only happen as what is written for me and Sahiba leaves Beauty wondering and Beauty thinks what will happen to my Sahiba’s house. Manmeet is talking to himself saying what will i say to everyone and Ranveer’s father is happy that the wedding will not break but he will get a big house instead. Manmeet walks inside his house and looks at his house and gets emotional. Daljeet is thinking to himself that he needs to get the tickets back to India soon or it would be weekends and he can’t get the tickets. Daleet brings some books to sell so that he can get some money and one of the book has Gandhi’s signature and the shop owner asks if this is really Gandhi’s signature and Daljeet thinks how can i mix this book here and think of his father giving him this book asking him to never lose it and the shop keeper says if you sell to me, i can give you 150 pounds and Daljeet thinks and asks the shop keeper to keep this book as he will be back to get it and pays Daljeet the cash.

Part 2

Manmeet sees everyone getting Sahiba ready while Manmeet recalls Ranver’s father’s words of transfering the house under his name and Sahiba looks at Manmeet and smiles and Manmeet smiles and turns. Daljeet’s sistser says its been so long and Daljeet had not send back any money and Daljeet’s mother supports Daljeet while the brother says he has not kept to his words and a person comes in and Daljeet’s mother brings a bangle and says she wants to sell it and Daljeet’s father comes and asks why do you want to sell it and Daljeet’s mother recalls of putting it for Sahiba and Sahiba returning it and she says i had kept it for my daughter in law but is for no use now. She asks how much will it cost and the guy tells a low price and manage to convince Daljeet’s mother. A person comes to Ranveer and asks if will you runaway again this time and Ranveer’s father laughs saying he will not go anywhere this time and Ranveer notices the change in him and Ranveer’s mother comes and says you are happy? Ranverr’s father says my son is getting married and i’m not happy? Ranveer suspects that something is not right with the sudden change in Ranveer’s father and Ranveer’s mother says either something very good is going to happen or something very bad is going to happen. Sahiba is thinking and her brother comes to her and speaks to her and Manmeet comes to Sahiba and Sahiba says you came back late last night, is there any problem? Manmeet says yes, there is a problem. Sahiba asks what is it and Manmeet takes out two laddoo and they recall their old memory and eat the laddoo saying cheers and both are in tears. Sahiba asks Manmeet to stop eating it as he has diabetics and Sahiba hugs Manmeet and says you had gone through a lot because of me and cries while Bebe, Beauty and Sahiba’s mother sees and happy except for Roop.Sahiba says i promise to you that i will only do as what you say and never let you down.

Precap: Sahiba’s phone is ringing and Sahiba answers the call and Daljeet says i’m coming back to India and i’m coming for you and Sahiba is shocked.

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