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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st September 2012 Written Update by munnihyderabad

Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) 1st September Written Episode Maha Episode

The episode starts with Rashi opening the door, the police inspector and two other lady constables are at the door.. All the Modis are shocked to see the cops, Koki asks him whats the matter, The cop asks who is Gopi Modi and did she send any Achaar to the Kanaji mandir…Gopi says she did send the pickle.. The cop says that 20 people are suffering from food poisoning because of her achaar.. All the Modis are once again shocked …he says that most of them are critical and are admitted in emergency ward.. Modis even more shocked..Koki asks how can he say that the pickle is the reason for food poisoning, inspector says that they send the sample for testing and found it adulterated ,. and says that they will have to arrest Mrs.Gopi Ahem Modi for this..Modis are even more shocked..

Koki and Ahem try to defend Gopi, but the inspector says he has all the proofs.. and shows the arrest warrant to Jigar. Ahem also checks the warrant and is shocked.. the women cops were about to take gopi, koki says that gopi is pregnant and Ahem says he wants to call the commissioner..Hetal tries to defend..but the police won’t listen…

The lady cops handcuff gopi and take her out, Gopi is crying and so does the rest of the Modis have tears…Gopi calls Ahemji before going…Koki says that she is with her Gopi Vahu…Gopi once again calls Ahem, Ahem tells he is coming with her.. Koki says she will come as well and call Mota bhai.. Chirag asks Jigar to call the lawyer to get the bail papers ready …Parag also goes to the PS with them.. Baa, is crying, Hetal consoles her, Rashi thinks what has happened and now all their deeds will be opened

After Break 1:

Urmi is shocked to get the news..she says that even after going to Jail .. Gopi is not becoming popular..Rashi says it’s not fun anymore.. Gopi is pregnant and all this happened because of Urmi’s stupid KKs .. Jigar calls Rashi, Rashi ends the call and thinks .. that this time her mom will be definitely caught .. on the other hand Urmi thinks that her dikri will be in Jail along with Gopi (kya jodi hain.. both of them are equal partners in crime.. but they think that only the other will be caught )

In the PS (police station) the cops get Gopi in, followed by Ahem and Koki.. the parents of the sick kids are angry with Gopi.. Gopi is taken into the cell.. while she is crying and looking at Ahem and Koki . Ahem asks how can they let Gopi in the lock up all night .. The cop says that the parents are angry and it is better for Gopi to be in the lock-up

there are 4 other women in Gopi’s cell.. they taunt her, rag her and try to take away her jewellery ,.Koki yells at them to stop and warns them not to touch her Gopi Vahu she is her Maa and she warns them to stay off her Gopi Vahu,.. all the inmates are scared of Koki’s tone and her glare..

Jigar gives some news to Ahem.. Ahem is shocked and asks “KYA” .. Chirag calls Ahem and tells that things are getting out of even the commissioner couldn’t help.. and tells that all they need is one good lawyer (I can suggest one, Viren Vadhera)

Inspector says Ahem that since the court is closed.. she can come out only when all the CRIMINAL charges…Ahem stops the inspector and says that his wife is NOT a CRIMINAL as they don’t have proper proof,. he further tells the Inspector that she is HIS WIFE

Gopi requests Koki to take her out as she did not adulterate the pickle..Koki assures her that she trusts her gopi vahu completely. Gopi is crying and pleading Koki to take her out.. Ahem comes to the lock up and tells Koki that they are not able to get the bail.. Gopi is crying .. Ahem tells gopi not to worry as he will get her out.. Koki tells her to be brave…she swears to Gopi that she will get her out before the sunrise.. she tells her that her Kanaji with her and not to worry.. and be brave…
Koki tells Ahem that this is the very reason she was against Gopi Vahu getting into achaar business…she tells Ahem to stay with Gopi here and she will get food for her and also she has to think about what to do next…Ahem stays back.. Gopi wipes her tears looking at Ahem

After Break 2;

Koki enters MM, Hetal asks did Gopi get the bail.. Koki says No.. and she will not let anything happen to her Gopi Vahu…and she will herself solve the case…Koki screams for Rashi,,, She clearly asks Rashi if she had adulterated the Achaar…Rashi, hetal and baa are shocked…Rashi denies her involvement,.. Koki asks Rashi if any outsiders have come in .. they talk about milkman, paper guy and watch man .. and Hetal reminds of the dumb bartanwaali (Urmi) Rashi is shocked…
Koki asks Hetal if she was not there in the kitchen when the dumb lady came in.. Hetal says she was there but when the dumb lady’s purse flew out she went to get it and Hetal tells Rashi was there in the kitchen,.. Koki asks Rashi if she was with her all the time.. Rashi says that she went away for sometime to take the call.. Koki yells and screams at Rashi calling her dobi daffod.. for leaving an outsider alone in the kitchen..

Hetal tells that when she got the purse from outside the lady was missing.. Koki is now sure that the bartanwaali is the culprit and calls watchman.. and asks if he has seen the bartanwaali come in and go out.. The watchman says that he saw her coming in but he did not see her going out.. Rashi taunts the watchman.. Koki tells the watchman to be careful…

Gopi and the rest are given the jail food.. the inmates say that her husband is sitting there,.,, Ahem asks the inspector to let gopi have home made food as she is pregnant.. the inspector refuses.. Koki asks the cop.. if something happens to her gopi vahu ..will he be liable..Hetal requests for humanity sake . please let her have the home food..Inspector tells anyone to go..Ahem, in a split second says he will go koki nods…

Koki talks to the inspector about the possibilities of the achaar being contaminated after it is prepared.. the inspector says it is quite possible ..but they need the proof to it..Koki is thinking …

Ahem stands out the cell. Gopi tells she is fine.. why did he come.. Ahem tells gopi to have food and not to worry .. Ahem is worried for Gopi .. on seeing the ladies in the cell…he tells her to have her food and holds her arm and gives and assuring look ,..and leaves..

Gopi opens her boxes.. the ladies look at each other.. Gopi shares her food with them,.,one lady says that she is sharing the food to get into their goodbooks..and then takes a bite and feeds gopi with her hand…saying Gopi needs more food as she is pregnant.. Gopi is happy (Humanity is still there, if you are good .. people are good to you)

Rashi and Urmi blame each other for the KK and for their dark future.,..Urmi tells it is rashi who is the main culprit, and we have a flasback..
Urmi asks rashi to take the pickle into the empty jars.. Rashi refuses and leaves.. hearing koki’s voice .Urmi jumps out of the window and leaves the bartan in the backyard and messages rashi to carry on with the work..

at present, Rashi says that she never received that message..Urmi is shocked.she checks her phone ,.. the message is still saved as draft.. they realize that they did not contaminate the contents..Koki is still thinking as who could it be (ACP Pradyuman of CID)

After Break 3:

Koki is in hospital.. she calls Hetal and tells Ahem is in PS with Gopi and it is tough to find out about the bartanwali as none has seen her face,. Koki asks the doc to take her to the kids who are sick,, the doctor says that the food poisoning is due to artificial color in the achaar.. and shows her the lab reports ,.,.the kid’s hands are stained with the artificial color

Ahem is pacing in the PS.. and stares at Gopi.. Gopi sees him and nods..Dhaval comes to the PS and asks Ahem how Gopi is .. Dhaval looks at Gopi and Gopi looks at him.. AHem asks the inspector if they have tested the other bottles.. A constable says that the pickles have not been adulterated in the mandir.. The inspector concludes that the color has been added beforehand.. Ahem defends saying that they do not add any color in the pickle..Dhaval says they can speak to their other customers if they want to .. as there never received any complaints..

Jigar calls Ahem and says that tomorrow court might be closed and they don’t see any way out.. Ahem says that the police wants a solid proof…and worriedly ends the call..

Koki calls Rashi and aks her to find out the shah caterers and their kitchen and help her in getting gopi out of jail.,,In Gopi’s cell. the lady constable comes to take back the plates while the inmates say to take away the food as they had very good food to eat today.. Gopi asks if they get such food everyday.. they say.. they got used to it..Gopi tells them to have trust on Kanaji and they will be released …soon,.The inmates taunt gopi for still trusting Kanaji who have forced her into jail

Gopi gives them a small talk about having trust in Kanaji and he will take care of them.. the inmates fold their hands and pray to kanaji.. the lady says gopi that her husband is waiting here since evening ..they ask gopi if her maaji will come and take her out before sunrise…gopi says yes..

KOki and Rashi are near shah caterers, Rashi says she will record their conversation ..Koki praises her.. They find the shah caterer’s kitchen…Koki tells rashi to record , the shah caterers decide not to add any color as they gladly escaped from the achaar fiasco.. and now they don’t want to take the risk for next few days…Rashi records it and clicks save ..which makes a click sound the shah caterers realize this..and run behind KoShi.. they hide .. while the shah caterer guys are still searching for them…

Koki tells lets go .. rashi says that they should wait for sometime koki asks rashi how come her mind works so fast in such situations …Rashi by mistake calls Koki as Mummy Koki is Koki says that being with her mummy in all KKs .. Rashi has become a seasoned KK queen ..KoSHi come out

Inspector says Ahem that they can’t do anything .. as the parents are really angry and they want justice…and they are intending to file a non-bailable offense .. Ahem says it can’t happen..Inspector says he can’t help..

Ahem calls Jigar…and asks if they got the report on other achaar bottles,… Jigar says No.. Ahem says we can’t wait till tomorrow…Rashi realize that she lost her mobile ..Koki asks her to go and get it carefully..Rashi comes out with the mobile…

Ahem asks if gopi can’t be released today .. Koki says she can be.. Ahem and Inspector are shocked..Koki says they have the proof.. and gopi can be released.. Inspector is shocked..

Koki says she is here to get gopi out and asks gopi to come.. Gopi says she won’t come.. Rashi asks if she want to be in jail with them.. Gopi says she won’t go from here.. all are shocked


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