Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2012 Written Update by Soujanya

Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) 23rd August 2012 Written Episode

Urmi finds dhawal has locked the auto shutter. Dhawal goes to find her. Urmi calls rashi and tells that she got locked in the tempo. Urmi asks rashi to come there and open her out before comes to know that she is in the tempo. Rashi says she would come and rescue her. Rashi comes downstairs and finds koki, hetal and gopi are working with veggies. Rashi says koki, I want to go to temple as I want to pray god to get pregnant soon. Koki agrees. Hetal tells rashi to send the car back soon as koki will be taking bha to hospital for check up. Rashi says I will go by auto. Rashi leaves and koki doubts.

Dhawal calls urmi’s mobile. Urmi cuts the call. Dhawal informs their neighbour to tell urmi that he has left for the delivery. Dhawal starts the vehicle and leaves. Urmi calls rashi and tells dhawal has started the vehicle. Rashi comes there and stops the tempo. Rashi tells dhawal, mummy has told me to put teeka on the consignment. Dhawal agrees and opens the lock. Rashi sends him away asking him to bring a match box for aarthi. Dhawal leaves and rashi opens the tempo shutter and urmi comes out. Before dhawal comes back urmi takes out a box of pickles and hides behind a wall. Dhawal returns. Rashi does the pooja. Urmi comes there. Dhawal asks urmi whether she went to market. Urmi says yes. Dhawal asks then I don’t find any thing in your hand. Urmi scolds him and sends him away. Dhawal leaves.

Urmi asks rashi to come along with her to sell these pickle bottles. But rashi denies. Gopi calls rashi and asks her to come home soon as she needs help to prepare pickle. Rashi says she is coming and hangs on. Koki also calls rashi and tells, we have finished the doctor check up and we are going home from the mandir route itself so we were thinking to pick u up from mandir. But rashi says, kaki ji I have already started. So koki hangs on.

Koki and bha come home. Koki asks whether rashi has come home or not. Hetal says no she hasn’t come. Koki tells that she has called rashi but she has told that she has already started home and still dint reach. Koki calls rashi and rashi comes home. Koki asks rashi why she got late. Rashi acts innocent saying, I dint check time while praying god. I was praying khana ji to give me a baby very soon. Bha and hetal feel bad. Bha says don’t worry bête your wish will be fulfilled.

Urmi comes to the general stores and the person that she wants to sell the gopi’s pickle. Urmi any how sells the 10 bottles. Urmi calls rashi and tells that she has earned her 1st income through gopi’s pickle. Rashi gets irritated and tells when you will be rob the pickle bottles, gopi doesn’t find this out. Urmi says you take care of it. Rashi yells, I got fed up with these excuses. Today I told koki that I went to mandir for praying for a baby itself. Jigar comes there. Rashi finds jigar behind her and hangs on. Rashi says, when did u come. Jigar replies, when you were saying that you went to temple to pray for a baby. Don’t worry rashi everything will be fine. Rashi says, I guess the problem is with u. as I am fine but still I am not getting pregnant. Jigar gets hurt and says tomorrow we shall go to doctor and have a check up. Rashi agrees. Jigar says not to tell about the check up to the family members.

Dhawal gives the 2nd cheque to gopi. Ahem appreciates dhawal is a good guy and does all the work very well. Dhawal says its all my sis gopi’s effort. That’s all. Jigar and rashi too come there. Dhawal tells jigar that gopi has received her 2nd cheque. Rashi once again gets jealous of it. Gopi gets call from Mehta. Gopi takes the call. Mehta tells gopi that 10 bottles are missing from the lot and I think the delivery boy has stolen them. Don’t believe him, just ask him hardly what happened to the 10 bottles. Gopi hangs on. Gopi gets worried and tells everyone about it. Everyone get shocked.

Rashi will be mixing some thing in the pickle bottles and bha comes there and asks what is she doing. Rashi looks on worried.

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    they drag this pickle issue for soooooooooooooooo long! -_-

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