Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd January 2013 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd January 2013 Written Update by awesum_life

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd January 2013 Written Episode

Seema and Mayank in a room. Seema brings food and says its cooked by Chaaru for him but Mayank says she is of no use. Seema opposes and says she is a very good girl and loves him very much. They had a lot of debate.

Dayal reading newspaper and goes in flashback that how he behaved with Shail and afterwards asks Shail whether she is not happy with the treatment. Dayal talks about Rachna and asks her to remain happy and do all the marriage preparations happily. Shail says she had done all the responsibilities happily and on time and says what that happened since few days was not at all good and also talks about Gunjan that she is a very brave girl. Here Dayal being a good listener. Dayal says that he is familiar with the duties done by Shail on time and with proper way. Dayal smiles after Shail leaves from there.

Gunjan and Rachna takes off the auto. Rachna blushes as she had been wearing heals on Vihaan’s wish. They enters college. Gunjan teases her a lot. Rachana asks how she looks. Suddenly Rachna reminds that she had forgot some sociology chart. Gunjan says she will do it for her and will bring from stationery shop. When Gunjan was moving towards shop, Mayank holds her hand. Here Vihaan calls for Rachna and Rachna coming blushing. Vihaan asks for Gunjan, Rachna asks for canteen, Vihaan agrees. Rachna talks of a newly opened caffe after the college but Vihaan denies.
Gunjan asks Mayank that why he is creating problems in their lives, now he is married. Mayank says that he is married he knows very well but she had spoiled his life and he is being married to a wrong girl. Mayank says that he had not came to meet her but he had just came to give the chart paper to Rachna and leaves. Meanwhile Rajeev comes and sees Mayank going and Gunjan crying.

Rachna asks of how she is looking today, Vihaan replies she is looking sweet as always. Rachna tried to reminds him about the last night convo about heals. Vihaan remembers and says see Gunjan how she carry on the heals but she can’t do it. Vihaan again asks about Gunjan as he want to tell something but when Rachna asks him he says that he had no benefit to tell her as he is planning to go for bolwing and added that Gunjan would be knowing it properly as she is from Mumbai. Chaaya brought some magazine about the latest fashion. Gunjan comes and says that they should wear that suits them. Gunjan asks about what’s the reaction of Vihaan. Rachna irritates and says that she had lots of compliments.

In a dance room, Gunjan again goes in flashback about the meeting they had in college just few time back. Here Vihaan and Rachna dancing but Rachna not catching up the steps, Vihaan scolds her and says she can’t do it as she don’t wants to do it and she is not at all concentrating. Rachna says she can’t do. Gunjan comes, motivating Rachna and says she can do it and asks her to be positive. Vihaan agrees and asks Gunjan to dance with him so that they could tell Rachna of steps and how to dance.
They are being shown dancing together on a song “SENORITA”. Rachna being jealous with tears in her eyes.

Gunjan had a text on her cell and she is hiding it from Rachna and Gunjan planning for something on cell with someone and Rachna feeling annoying.

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  1. divya
    January 06, 01:27 Reply

    yes veena you are right.I totally agree with you

  2. Mariposa
    January 04, 07:30 Reply

    Gunjan & vihan luks nice…..
    Rachana & Rajeev looks gud……..
    Anyways vihan is cool and modern type of guy…. n he should marry a girl who is modern like Gunjan and not stupid and traditional girl like Rachana……. Rajeev should get a traditional girl like Rachana cuz he is also a traditional type guy…………

    Hope d serial brings some kind of awesome love story twist!!!

    • Anonymous
      January 04, 08:38

      I totally agree 🙂

    • Anonymous
      January 04, 16:06

      It not a problem #Team Rachna&Vihaan fukk off there case

  3. simi
    January 04, 04:44 Reply

    one can’t predict in this serial.

    • Anonymous
      January 04, 08:41

      Yeah I agree, I mean wot is going to happens next and wots with gunjan making plans on the phone while texting and bihaan is also planning something, so wots he gonna do! Its totally unpredictable!

  4. Anonymous
    January 04, 02:35 Reply

    i really hope rajeev will fall for rachna.. i don’t want to see rachna getting hurt again. poor rachna.. but i really have this strong felling that rajeev and rachna will be together.. its just seem awkward to see gunjan and rajeev together..

  5. Simran
    January 04, 00:18 Reply

    i feel like gunjan will end up with vihaan and rajeev will end up with rachna…

    • KSG!!
      January 04, 00:26

      Hope that happens!! *fingers crossed*

  6. xyz
    January 04, 00:01 Reply

    i feel gunjan will again be blamed for breaking rachna nd vihaan’s engagement 🙁 poor gunjan…
    vihaan is not a good guy nd he shud neither get rachna nor gunjan..
    rajeev is sweet but he deserves some1 better than rachna…
    as for gunjan… gunjan n mayank rock togethr but i feel sad tht now thy cant be together 🙁
    misunderstandings can always be cleared..but thts not pssbl now.. 🙁

  7. PV #1 fan
    January 03, 20:13 Reply

    I think Gunjan is going to start to like Vihaan and Rajeev is going to like Gunjan. Vihaan already likes Gunjan.

    • KSG!!
      January 03, 20:28

      Looool no one likes Rachna!! :p

  8. fan f sslk
    January 03, 18:58 Reply

    I lyk vihaan n rachna.dey luk cute 2gtha.hpe vihaan dnt brk rachna heart..cvs plz bring nice guy 4 gunjan

  9. isweet barbie
    January 03, 18:29 Reply

    first rachana de had feelings for rajeev & now she & vihaan will be getting marry soon ‘ she can’t break vihaan heart …thats a promise..
    gunjan is having feeling for rajeev & both of them will be getting marry soon..becoz i think rajeev will get to like her ‘….
    mayank i know u still love gunjan but after all u did gunjan can’t trust u again becoz u done marry charu but YYY u did that ???

    seema , sangeeta, CHARU is a big bitch ..

    charu u was de one that cme between GUNJAN amd MAYANK & break them heart …

    but u know MAYANK HaTe U …..for ..keep that in mind……

    • faneezahamid
      January 03, 18:31

      yea i like that barbie that is sweet …

    • sarah
      January 03, 18:32

      ookk that is nice where u get that from??? sweet ..

    • zalena
      January 03, 18:34

      wounderful that is such a true i argee with that ….where u get that from ? sweeet …nice..

  10. Fashd
    January 03, 13:47 Reply

    Wow its gonna bi owesome rajeev&gunjan wt a pfct mach yaar!!

    • sonjo dem
      January 03, 14:17

      it wont be good maybe vihan and gungan and rachna and rajeev

  11. ******
    January 03, 12:41 Reply

    i dont know but i miss mayak n gunjan love story! d way so sweet together!

    • sonjo dem
      January 03, 14:20

      that is a big reveng very good gunjan

  12. guest
    January 03, 12:19 Reply

    I hope Rachna won’t be rejected again. It would be terrible if her heart is broken again. Also Gunjan would get blamed for everything as usual and the sweet friendship between the sisters badly broken.

  13. Aleesha
    January 03, 11:45 Reply

    i think …
    like how gunjan fooled vihaan by saying tht she is not the girl but her cousin rachna is the girl whom he is gonna marry..

    on engagemnt day, vihaan will fool them by saying he is not the guy but his bro rajeev is the guy for rachna..

    juz think …if it is was lyk diz thn hw the story will b ….???

    • Seeca
      January 03, 12:27

      Exactly! That’s what I said also

    • Miss Unbelievable
      January 03, 16:47

      i dont see that at all

      i think vihaan will propose Gunjan for Rhajeev on the engagement day

      lots of convincing

      then ask for double engagement

      then on shadaai the swapping of brides

      Vihaan will tell each girl who is who by some sort of code

      thats what i wanna see

  14. Shal
    January 03, 11:13 Reply

    Ohh godd.. Wats these all?.
    I want some good twist in the drama.

  15. veena
    January 03, 11:05 Reply

    yaa i really agree with u anonymus well said

  16. Anonymous
    January 03, 10:54 Reply

    Viv and gunjan are planning a surprize for rachna

    • isweet barbie
      January 03, 18:18

      which surprise no gunjan is made for rajeev
      & rachana is made for vihaan..

  17. SANDY
    January 03, 10:50 Reply


  18. Zauns
    January 03, 10:45 Reply

    Vihaan z upto som thng.

  19. urmilasingh
    January 03, 10:31 Reply

    well here comes the twist vihaan will regret what he is doing. Rachana is doing everything for him and he on the other hand behaves like a jerk and now rachana would feel alone and betrayed.

  20. lisa
    January 03, 10:22 Reply

    what is wrong with RACHNA

    • Anonymous
      January 03, 10:47

      If your boyfriend were paying more attention to your sister weren’t you react the same! She’s reacting as a typical ordinary girl would!

    • veena
      January 03, 11:03

      lisa why r u saying like this. any girl would be upset if her would-be non stoply talks about another women and discourage her, then whats wrong in rachchna behaving like this
      for me rachchna is so cute than gunjan. rachchna is a sweet lovely girl why rajeev denied her first and now vihaan tries to play with her feelings.

      but i really love vihaan-gunjan and rajeev – rachchna pair very much

    • Anonymous
      January 03, 19:47

      yea i totally agree with veena

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