Saraswatichandra 8th April 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 8th April 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 8th April 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts in Kumud’s house. Vidyachatir says he is going to police station and he will talk to the lawyer. Badimaa says him not to worry as her heart is saying that Saras will not go through anything wrong. Kumud’s mother says they will pray for it. Vidyachatur leaves.
Badimaa says that there seem to be a wind so close all the doors and windows. Vidyachatur takes care of the lamps. Badimaa runs outside to get the clothes which are flying because of the wind.
Just then, Ghuman is seen entering their house with a luggage bag.
Badimaa says the sky was clear just now and suddenly how the wind came. Ghuman answers because I came. Badimaa is shocked to see her.

Scene shifts to jail:
Saras is seen in the jail thinking about Kumud.

Kumud goes to get Yash and his friend Neerav. Kumud says that she will find out about Yash at any cost.
Yash’s mother calls him and asks him to run away. Yash gets shocked. She says they don’t have time now and he should run as soon as possible.
As Yash starts running, Kumud comes there with Neerav. She tells him to come with her. She says Saras is fighting for them and Yash being the household’s member is running away. Yash does not listen to Kumud.
She tells him to accept his mistake. Yash says that he will not go anywhere. Yash shows a stick to Kumud.

Ghuman says Laxminandan Vyas’s wife has come. She thinks how she told Badimaa that she should leave thinking about her marriage with Laxminandan. Badimaa told her earlier that she does not understand the meaning of love.

Ghuman says I have brought this wind, save your house if you can. Badimaa says such air will not even enter her house. Ghuman says as the wind has flown in, it will not go empty-hand.
Badimaa says Kanha ji will save them. Ghuman says what if you Kanha ji also wishes the same.
Twenty years ago, kanha ji took away your friend Saraswati and gave your to-be-husband to me.

Badimaa says her friend Saraswati is still with her. When her son Saras came in front of her, his attributes came infront of her. Ghuman talks ill about Badimaa while smiling.
Badimaa gets angry but have to listen to her.
Badimaa also speaks angrily to her. She says that after a woman gets out of her beauty, she can feel motherhood. She says Ghuman cannot understand this. Ghuman argues as it is her fate that she was a dancer, and now she is Saras’s mother.
Ghuman asks for Saras as she feels Saras needs her.
Ghuman shouts Where is my son Saraswatichandra? She calls Saras.
Vidyachatur and Kumud’s mother come in the balcony and see Ghuman and are shocked.

The scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud says Yash to accept his mistake and she will forgive him. But Saras will not spend the night in the jail because of him. Yash is confused.

Scene shifts to police station:

Saras is in the lockup. He is thinking about Kumud, he says where are you and you should not take any wrong step.
Gyaan comes and calls Saras. Gyaan says sorry to Saras as they have come to know about Yash.
Saras tells it is better that he is here and the family is saved of the disrespect.
Saras asks about Kumud. Gyaan says he is seeing Kumud since she was a kid. She will not stop now even if anyone says. Saras is silent.

Ghuman enters the house.
Ghuman tells Vidyachatur that despite of you insulting me, my husband kept the friendship alive. Even today, he had more space for you in his heart. And what have you done in return. You have sent my son to jail!

Saras is taking care of Rs. 10 crore business, will he do Gau Hatya. How did you let this happen? If you don;t answer me, you have to answer Laxminandan. She says I have to tell this to Laxminandan else my son has to be in jail for the whole night.
Kumud’s mother becomes reluctant. Vidyachatur is silent and thinks what he will answer to Laxminandan. Ghuman stands making a call to Laxminandan. Vidyachatur is very much tensed.

Ghuman says I wanted to see this how your face changed with Laxminandan’s name. Vidyachatur tells Ghuman that he will talk to Laxmi. Just then Kumud enters and says there is no need to call anyone as the real culprit is caught.
Ghuman sees Kumud for the first time. Vidyachatur introduces Kumud to Ghuman. Kumud takes her blessings. Ghuman gives a cunning smile to her.

Ghuman says that how much Laxmi told her about Kumud, she is more smart. She has brought the real culprit to save Saras.
Kumud tells if I had not done this, Vidyachatur’s name would have been spoiled.
Kumud tells Vidyachatur to come with her to bring Saras home.

They come to the police station. Kumud says that she would not have let her father’s pride go down. He is proud of her. Ghuman thinks that Kumud is very dear to Vidyachatur. If she breaks, what will happen to Vidyachatur. Didi also comes in the police station.
Didi complains that Ghuman came here without telling her. Ghuman acts that what she has seen, you could not have seen it. Saras is behind bars. Didi reacts to it.

Vidyachatur says not to worry. Didi sees Kumud. Ghuman thinks that the marriage will not happen, so whats bahu and whats the rituals.
Ghuman thinks she will first fight with Kumud. Saras comes out of jail. Kumud sees him and smiles. O piya song plays in background.
Saras sees Ghuman and bows down to take her blessings. Ghuman asks how are you.
Saras says he is fine.

Saras asks How come you are here suddenly. Ghuman says she was thinking something bad is going on, so she came, but she was not aware that he is such a big trouble.
Saras goes and hugs Vidyachatur. Ghuman is shocked to see their bonding. Police brings Yash.
Vidyachatur tells him that he will save him soon. Yash does not listen to them.
Yash gets angry on Kumud. Saras comes in between Yash and Kumud. Saras stares at him.

Ghuman says she came to know why Laxminandan chose Kumud without seeing her. She has good values.
Ghuman says Saras how she was fighting with his dad and he came to meet Kumud.
She got hurt to see Saras in such a situation. Ghuman says whatever happened was bad.
Vidyachatur could not say anything.
Saras thinks and asks Kumud what she did was right? Kumud answers she could not let anything wrong happen to him.

Ghuman says Vidyachatur that they knew each other earlier and their kids are making them relatives now.

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  1. varsha-v-t-s
    October 25, 11:13 Reply

    Luv u samuddddd lotzzz :* ..ur eye talking ws really soo touching :X ..muaa ..(((H)))..luv u lotzzz…..

  2. varsha-v-t-s
    October 25, 11:13 Reply

    Eeks…..i hate ghuman—she is too wicked..acting too smart …. Air of ego……she hates saras to the core bt shows off juz to destry dugba-saras relationship…sooo mean… :’( ..wenevr she takes saras name—I remember his recollection oh his childhood—-felt a lot pity 4 him…she was soo cruel…..but nw she’s exploiting his name and relations..jus 4 herself….. felt lyk slappin her wen she was speaking as if showing concern 4 saras…aargh…..felt soo pity 4 vc..dugba :(..wat a revenge !!……sweet talk but bad intetions…so bad—hope kumud doesn’t fall 4 her words….and wat sweey worss she was tellin saras…..felt lyk punching her..totally the opposite…hypocrite!! i was surprised to c her expressions—–so straight evn while telling lies…wat the !! 😮

  3. varsha-v-t-s
    October 25, 11:12 Reply

    WOW…WOW I’m soooo happy….felt really awesum ..felt so delighted wen saras defended and prevented yash from touching kumud……:D 😀 😀 ……..really felt soooooooooooo happy..

  4. varsha-v-t-s
    October 25, 11:12 Reply

    Aww..saras hugs touching

  5. varsha-v-t-s
    October 25, 11:12 Reply

    Luvd both their expressions….especially kumud’s –wen saras was released phew !!! 😀

  6. varsha-v-t-s
    October 25, 11:12 Reply

    Aww…<3 saras and kumud r concerned 4 each caring…

  7. varsha-v-t-s
    October 25, 11:08 Reply

    Saras was ryt—sumthing bad is gonna happn… 🙁

    April 09, 07:44 Reply

    Both Saras and Kumud luks awesum.

  9. aki
    April 09, 04:19 Reply

    Wating for 2day epi……
    Gud noon friends……

  10. Samud fan
    April 09, 04:17 Reply

    Guman should be throw i pit… cheap is she….show to ase kr rhi thi jase sara ko sach me pyar krti ho……

  11. Samud fan
    April 09, 04:14 Reply

    Interesting epi…..yash should hang to death…….

  12. Jaychander boda
    April 09, 02:39 Reply

    I’m eagerly waiting to see saras and kumud will be together in love and they express with each other.i would say definately this series gonna be very interesting.

  13. tommy
    April 09, 01:37 Reply

    All of you who think that Kumud and Saras will marry are WRONG!! This is a SLB serial with a sad ending. Kumud will marry a bad man later and Saras will remain unmarried. Later, Kumud will become a widow. She will choose to stay a widow and ask Sras to marry Kusum. Saras will in the end marry Kusum 🙁 Sad but true..My friend working for the serial told me about the plot right now.

    • Nia
      April 09, 04:30

      Its too quick to decidewhats going to happen…anyway even gautam said that the tracks may change acccording to ratings !

  14. Riya
    April 09, 00:29 Reply

    Lovely epi.. eagerly waiting to see Saras and kumud together…..
    Saraswatichandra rocks………………

  15. aki
    April 08, 23:32 Reply

    yash how coward u re aapni sis ko marne aagya….

  16. Swaru
    April 08, 23:15 Reply

    u r ri8 aki..comment more n more guys……

  17. aki
    April 08, 22:46 Reply

    guman n her sis is so cunning…

  18. aki
    April 08, 22:37 Reply

    guys if u want saras in top 5 so keep commenting…….

  19. aki
    April 08, 22:35 Reply

    gud mrng every1……hve a nice day ahead……..

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