Uttaran 4th October 2012 Written Update

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Uttaran 4th October 2012 Written Update by crisps21

Uttaran 4th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Mukta entering the same casino as Yuvi/Tej.
Tej says, if someone asks you, tell them I’m your big brother… don’t tell them I’m your grandfather.
Mukta is asking someone for the manager and she asks her to have a seat in the waiting room, she will send the manager to her.
Mukta climbs up the stairs and goes up.
Tej orders drinks for both of thm, but Yuvi changes the order to tequila shots.
Mukta waiting upstairs when the manager comes to see her.
She asks to meet Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore, tells him she’s his daughter.
The manager says, sir has gone out for a few days…
Mukta says, I know, and his phone is switched off… I need to talk to him urgently.
Manager says, we don’t know much about his schedule. Maybe GM Sir knows. You wait, I will ask him.
Mukta says thank you and waits. A waiter comes and asks her for tea/coffee, she refuses.

Tej/Yuvi having tequila shots and play the game. Tej asks for a large glass of Tequila but Yuvi says, it’s only drunk in shots. Tej asks for a few ‘shots’ of it then.

Another staff lady of the casino, goes to Mukta and asks if you want to wait in the special visitor’s lounge? Sir has made arrangements for special visitors.
Mukta thinks, everyone respects my father so much over here… and me…
Then she says, thanks… I’m okay here.

Tej/Yuvi start the game.
The manager comes back with Rathore’s phone number. Mukta checks in her mobile and says, I’ve got the same number and it’s switched off.
He says, even GM sir doesn’t have more information than this. You leave your number with us… whenever sir gives us a call, I will make sure he gets your message.
Mukta leaves her number with him.

Tej/Yuvi winning in the game and Tej is excited.
Yuvi glances up to see Mukta talking with the manager.
He gets angry and upset. What’s she doing here?
She must have come here to gather evidence.
Tej asks him why is he looking so scared? We’ve won.
Tej says, that girl… the one because of whom I’m involved in a police case… Tej looks at her and smiles.
He says, she’s my dream girl…
He asks Yuvi again, if she’s the girl? Yuvi says, yes she’s the one – Mukta Rathore.
Tej says, wow, the same girl is the object of desire for grand-dad and grandson. Yuvi says, I’ll teach her a lesson today.
He asks Tej to keep sitting, I will be right back.
Tej stops him… says, don’t act like a dumb person. You’re in a police case, if something happens to this girl, you’ll never be able to get out of the mess!
You sit, and I will go make her understand… and I will make sure she will understand really well.

Mukta starts coming down. Yuvi gets a call from Gunwanti on his mobile… he can’t hear her and goes out to talk on the phone.
Tej goes to Mukta and stops her way.
He says ‘good evening’ to her and Mukta remembers him from that rainy night.
He gives her a rosebud. She gives her a dirty look and starts leaving, he blocks her way again and says, that evening was different, this one is different.
Mukta asks him not to misbehave with her.
Tej says, I wouldn’t misbehave with you… never. I want you to spend some time with me so my evening becomes more lovely.
He takes off the petals of the rosebud and puts them on her feet… and asks her to walk on them.
Mukta says, you didn’t understand me… I told you not to misbehave with me.
He says, you must have said it… then you’ll get angry and become more red… would you like to have a red drink with me.
Mukta slaps him.
Manager and other staff members ask her if everything is alright?
Mukta says, no… he’s your guest, but he forgot the way out. She leaves.
Tej rubs his cheek and says, even though in anger, at least she touched me.

Nani grumbling in her room that since I’ve lived with Rohini, I can’t find anything in this room. Rohini gets upset that I never touch your stuff, still you keep saying things to me. You’re scolding me for such a little thing? Nani says, little thing?? I got that bangle from the temple. Paid Rs. 101 for it.
Divya comes there… Nani says, I got tired the whole day due to that ‘makkhi’s’ tiffin, and now because of that bangle.
Divya asks Rohini what happened? Rohini says, she’s scolding me for a useless steel bangle.
Nani gets angry at her again.
Divya says, I saw that bangle in the kitchen when I was there, bhabi. I asked you to keep it safe?
Rohini says sheepishly, oh yes, I saw it there and I cleaned the kitchen. Then I threw the trash outside the house.
Nani gets angry, and says one day you will throw me out of the house too. Divya smiles and leaves.
Nani/Rohini bickering uselessly (did look like a total filler episode).
Rohini leaves crying and Nani thinks she has to go in the trash, then take the bangle to the temple to get it purified.

Yuvi comes back to the table talking on the phone: Dadi, I will be home soon. He ends the call and asks Tej what happened?
Tej is totally drunk and said I managed it… whatever she said, she said it respectfully and lovingly.
Yuvi asks him to say it in simple words.
Tej consoles him and says, I will calm everyone down.
Yuvi says, anyway, Dadi is calling again and again… we have to go back home soon. We’ll go home and tell Dadi you talked to Mukta.
Tej tells him it’s a secret. You cannot take my name in this matter… you know how much I’m respected in that house of yours.
Tej asks Yuvi where she lives?
Yuvi says, why? Would you play detective?
Tej laughs at that…
Yuvi takes a pen and paper and gives him Mukta’s address.
Tej kisses the tissue and puts it in his pocket when Yuvi’s not looking.

Tej comes to Mukta’s house. Nani comes out at that time to look for the bangle in the trash.
Tej turns around and sees Nani.
He thinks this is the same old woman, that means it’s her house.
Tej goes up to Nani and greets her.
He asks her not to misunderstand him.
Nani has a stick in her hand and starts hitting him again… saying you have no shame, you’ve come to my house even!
She hits him a couple of times and Tej stops her. Says, I didn’t hit back the other day so I don’t have to hit a woman. But not now.
What do you think I am? A roadside romeo?
I’m half-heir of Bundela family – Tej Singh Bundela.
Nani gets shocked.
He says, what? You got current after hearing my name?
Tej says, I didn’t come here for you… I came for my dream girl, Mukta.
Nani’s jaw drops open LOL
She says, how dare you take Mukta’s name?
He says, I won’t take it, you call her – Mukta.
She says, have you come to threaten us? He says, no I’ve come for some personal matter… call her please.
Nani says, not her, I will call her Nana – Jogi Thakur… then you see what happens.
Nani calls Jogi from the gate. Tej starts going back to the car… Nani tells him not to go, and calls Jogi a couple of times, but nothing happens.

Scene changes abruptly.

It’s night-time and Nani’s thinking inside the house… Tej Singh Bundela. Who is he to the Bundela family? The name seems familiar.
Nani has a flashback of Divya telling her… that Tapasya said some Tej Singh is in the house, Veer’s uncle.
Nani says, Veer’s uncle? But Umed Singh doesn’t have a brother?
Divya says, he’s illegitimate, and he’s really bad character-wise too. He calls girls to dance in the house, or his friends for a get-together.

Nani (in the present) smirks and says… okay, so this is the same Tej Singh Bundela. But what does he want with our Mukta?
Episode ends.

Precap: Vishnu serving food for people in the temple and asks Meethi for help. She refuses but then sees the poor people and starts serving. Vishnu smiles at her.

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  1. Gayathri
    October 05, 11:04 Reply

    I think vishnu and meethi become pyar

    • lolxx
      October 05, 20:07

      but vishnu is a not a nice guy as he is the son of avinash and is here to take revenge against iccha.

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