Uttaran 9th August 2012 Written Update

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Scene 1:

Location: Thakur’s Haveli

Episode starts with nani and mukta fake consoling meethi, but actually conspiring against her to turn meethi against her own family. Nani taunts that at a time like this, a mother should support her daughter, but meethi gets furious retaliating that Iccha is not her mother. Seeing such a reaction, mukta and nani pass wicked glances.Nani further fuels her anger saying its true how can she call such a woman her mother when she has lied so much to her own daughter. They both pretend to be her own. Meethi falls in the trap and considers them only her true well wishers and no one else.

Scene 2:

Location:A club

A frustrated Yuvi playing billiards and missing the shot, thinking how is it that mukta is able to escape the wrath of his revenge every time. But this time he makes a shot, thinking that his strike and his revenge would not fail this time.He calls mukta and tries to make a plan to meet up with her, on the pretext of celebrating the fact that due to mukta’s help, Yuvi didnt get caught by police that night, in a beautiful 5 star restaurant and that nothing would go wrong this time.But mukta turns the offer down.Yuvi cancels the call in anger.

Scene 3:

Location:Thakur’s Haveli

Damini brings food for Meethi as she has not eaten anything since last night. On meethi’s refusal,she says that i know you are angry with me for slapping you in front of the whole house, but I am very sorry and that it wont happen again.Kanha also requests meethi to stop being angry as Damini has always wanted her well being only. Meethi retaliates by asking that if its for my well being then answer me as to why i get slapped for my one mistake, and that woman(Iccha) doesnt get punished for hers.Damini tries to make her understand that the woman she’s talking about is her mother and she is not at fault.Meethi is still angry at Damini and iccha, so damini and kanha pacify her by saying that they can talk later and for now she can eat.Meethi still refuses.But then nani comes in with meethi’s favourite aloo paranthas,but damini tries to stop nani by saying that meethi loves fruits more,hence she would eat fruits.Nani starts walking away saying that damini knows her granddaughter and her habits better. But Meethi requests nani to feed her with her hands and nani does so showing fake love and tells damini to step aside.Damini leaves with kanha in tow.

Scene 4:

Location:Thakur’s Haveli

Jogi enquires about Iccha’s health to which the doctor says that apart from low b.p. she’s fine but should not be given any stress. jogi wonders how is that possible when she is so worried for meethi and cant even be besides her to support her own daughter.Divya says that with time everything would be all right. Jogi still keeps wondering as to what happened that meethi hates her mother so much?

Scene 5:

Location:Thakur’s Haveli

Nani and mukta conspiring for their next step.Nani advises mukta to question meethi about her father, his name and identity,just like she knows about her own father, Mr. Rathore.She tells mukta to go and instigate this question in meethi’s mind and then see the result.

Scene 6:

Location:Thakur’s Haveli and aman’s place

Aman on phone with meethi,trying to console her by saying that he believes in her.Meethi thanks aman for his support and asks for his company whenever she feels lonely to which aman says yes and that she is welcome anytime.Mukta listening to this conversation behind the door is furious.

Scene 7:

Location:Thakur’s Haveli

Mukta plants the idea of a father’s support to a daughter in times like this to which meethi says she wishes her father was here.But mukta pretends ignorance as to what happened to her father.meethi says he died a long time back. Mukta again pretends to be confused that how could her father be dead when her mother stills wears vermillion on her forehead..who is that sindoor for then…?meethi also starts wondering the same,when mukta further instigates her by saying that maybe damini has kept his father’s name and identity also a secret from her just like her mother’s.The screen freezes on meethi’s worried face.

Precap: Mukta instigating meethi on the same lines, that maybe damini has kept her father’s identity a secret for a special reason. She knows her father’s name and has a photo of his but meethi doesn’t have anything.

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    dont knw wen this serial ends. hope next generation will sit nd watch meethi s grand daughter love story

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      Haha…u know many people share the same opinion that u do on this serial.

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    awesum udate….!!!
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