[V] Humse Hain Life 29th November 2012 Written Update *Last Episode*

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[V] Humse Hain Life 29th November 2012 Written Update *Last Episode* by Jyo_Ksg

Part 1:

Episode begins with Elite, Wadda and Nikka bro are back in their real avtar as Ali and Anurag sharing their experience of first day shoot.
They show the first time when Saloni entered into the show.
Sia as Abigail shares how she never knew to box and how she learnt it through the show.
She shares how Raghav provoked her and Raghav got a bad punch from her, Raghav’s FIRST Punch. She shares more than him , her hand had got hurt.

Gurmeet as Karan tells how he had to learn all those chemical equations as his dialogue, which actually were very difficult for him..
She shares Gurmeet’s love letter for Samma which was actually a physics formula sheet..

Samma aka Aditti shares her dream sequence with Gurmeet. They both enjoyed their onscreen chemistry alot..
She says she and Gurmeet were the world’s cutest couple..(TRUE..)

Vishal who hears it, tells that he and Pooja were the cutest couple. Pooja who was unavailable , Vishal like always takes her side and tells that she has gone to Mumbai for her movie.

Here comes the silsila of RETAKES, how the whole cast gave retakes and retakes while shooting..

Vishal aka Rupesh gets embarassed and says Kabhi Kabhi Ho Jata Hai.
He further tells us to check that how NO HEROINE of the SHOW was ever in any HERO’s ARMS..(liar..) They showed all the awesome romantic scenes wherein Raghav – Sia, Juno – Alia, Coach Karanveer – Miss Sen were lost in each other’s arms and eyes..

He further shares all his evil scenes as Bad Boy and was very happy to be back as a GOOD BOY..

Kabir aka Varun shares his experience, when he first came into the show he was an angry young man, his fight with Juno, his debates with Sia, his sad graphities.
He says in reality he never gets angry, so it was difficult for him to potray that role. He continues, with his intense scenes and his relation with Coach KV.

Part 2:

And finally comes Kabir’s ISHQ WALA LOVE with Sia , all the special moments that he shared with her, though one side love but he knew that EK LADKA aur EK LADKI kabhi DOST NAHI BANN SAKTE..
He said it was great working with all, his friendship bond with Sia, Arjun, Wadda, Nikka , Alia and everyone was amazing.

And here comes Alia who shares her favourite BANGKOK moments..

Part 3:

Alia thanks to herself that all the B-Rags didn’t leave Elite , and Gauti also didn’t leave.

Here comes Gauti aka Gautam aka Rohan who shares his favourite Adarsh colony scene, during the time when Sia had to leave for Elite with Rangeela and Mamaji.

Rangeela aka Rahul Hans who enjoyed the show, his lovely romantic shayaris for Saloni.. mill hi gayi Saloni use..

Abigail finally thanks the show, she says that it was an awesome experience, and truely a HUMSE HAI LIFE experience.
The whole gang bids last adieu by saying HUMSE HAI LIFE!


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  1. Nizra
    May 04, 09:10 Reply

    Pls start 2nd season.I miss u guyz.z.z. Expecially jono

  2. Nizra
    May 04, 09:09 Reply

    Pls start the 2nd season.I miss u guz.z.z expecially jono.

  3. fan
    July 22, 03:03 Reply

    misssssssssssssss u rasia

  4. sweety
    June 11, 13:37 Reply

    rasia missing u so much……please come up with a second season

  5. Sia
    January 20, 04:54 Reply

    Come back with humse hai life 2

  6. Anonymous
    November 29, 16:48 Reply

    No please please please please don’t end this is soooo sad!! :((

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